2019 Cohort

From over 200 applications to Smart Port Challenge 2019, here are the top 24 teams that were selected to participate in PIER71 Accelerate, a market and business model validation programme that kicked off at the end of September this year. After a closed door judging session, 10 teams pitched to an audience of investors, corporate partners, venture capitalists, and members from the maritime industry at the Grand Final on 7 November.

Congrats to our winners!
Top Prize – Dravam
2nd Prize – KoiReader Technologies
3rd Prize – Teqplay


Watch the 3-minute pitches from our top 10 here.



ABEJA is one of the first start-ups specialising in Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) in Asia, with a track record in various industries with computer vision solutions. For the maritime industry, ABEJA is using video analytics combined wit...


ASA Development, Singapore

ASA Development, through a decade of refinement and testing, has created the Contego Productivity Platform, a tool that has helped many organisations improve their operational efficiency, through standardisation of process and centralisation of data ...

ASA Development


Active bunker players currently face challenges such as counter-party risks, operational inefficiencies as well as compliance. BlockTEST is re-engineering the bunkering value chain by offering an automated trade/financing settlement platform. Early t...


Cerekon, Singapore

Efficiency, safety and productivity are key concerns when it comes to the inspection and maintenance of vessels, particularly entire fleets. As a smart wearables solution provider, Cerekon’s “Voice-driven Handsfree Inspection & Remote Support Sys...



C-LOG is pioneering data collaboration in the maritime industry by making inter-organisational sharing of crew documentation easier and faster while respecting the data privacy of the seafarer. Addressing a challenge to develop a crew-centric platfor...


Delvify, Hong Kong SAR, China

Delvify uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) discovery tools including computer vision, natural language processing and automated speech recognition to help maritime enterprises categorise and analyse their data to optimise operational processes. By com...


Dravam, Singapore (TOP PRIZE WINNER)

Dravam’s innovative fuel quality monitoring solution is a real-time early detection system for marine fuel quality, installed seamlessly onto a vessel. This patented solution is aimed at ensuring the quality of the fuel that is bunkered and address...


Gotrix, Singapore

The maritime industry relies on a wealth of information and knowledge to operate, maintain and repair vessel equipment. Gotrix is introducing a solution that uses a chatbot as the means for users and custodians of a vessel’s equipment to access any...


H3 Zoom.AI, Singapore

After gaining success in the built environment, having inspected over 162 buildings, H3 Zoom.AI is extending its artificial intelligence (AI) insights platform to the maritime industry by developing an automated defect inspection and reporting soluti...

H3 Zoom.AI

Kanda, Singapore (GRAND FINALIST)

Kanda is using virtual-augmented and mixed-reality platforms, coupled with machine learning to address the high costs associated with hiring and training within the maritime industry. Using a photorealistic digital twin of an entire tanker, Kanda is ...


KoiReader Technologies, USA (2ND PRIZE WINNER)

Checking and cross-referencing financial and declaration documentation is a labour-intensive process in the maritime industry. KoiReader has developed an innovative machine learning visual recognition system that extracts unstructured textual data fr...

KoiReader Technologies

Langzou, China

Langzou is bringing its computer vision and 3D computer graphics enabled operation platform for smart cities to the maritime industry. Using networked cameras coupled with artificial intelligence capabilities to detect surrounding vessels or other ob...


Marified, Singapore (GRAND FINALIST)

Building on the success and traction its parent company, Edufied, had gain with its blockchain-based storage and verification solution for the education industry, Marified has created a digital wallet that secures a seafarer’s certifications agains...


Megapixel Solutions, Singapore

A massive amount of communication goes on as part of daily vessel operations. However, the absence of a system to track and tag real-time and past information makes the retrieval of historical data difficult and time consuming. Harnessing its rich de...

Megapixel Solutions

Odyssea, Singapore (GRAND FINALIST)

While hull cleaning is a vital process to keep vessels running efficiently, it relies heavily on manpower. Odyssea aims to automate this by using a dual-propulsion technology that can perform hull inspection as well as cleaning services in water. The...


Performance Rotors, Singapore (GRAND FINALIST)

In-hull ship inspections are both time-consuming and risky due to confined spaces and heights. By bringing their confined drone technology with AI defect identification and non-destructive testing (NDT) to the maritime industry, Performance Rotors ca...

Performance Rotors

Red Jasper, Singapore

Red Jasper has developed a visualisation system that tracks and quantifies bulk assets at ports. Using a combination of sensor, image processing and data analytics, this will allow port operators to find, store, retrieve, recognise and count anything...

Red Jasper

Sensefinity, Norway

Sensefinity offers full-stack and modular solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) transformation. The Internet of Cargo is Sensefinity’s industrial solution to standardise the way assets communicate with logistics processes. They help customers to i...

Sense Finity

SkyTrek, Singapore

Last mile delivery between ship and shore currently relies on whole boats regardless of item sizes, often resulting in inefficiencies and bottlenecks due to the slow sailing speed of these boats. SkyTrek is developing a fully autonomous drone deliver...


Teqplay, Netherlands (3RD PRIZE WINNER)

Teqplay is a context broker providing information and tools to empower the shipping industry to make smarter and better informed decisions in both planning, execution of port calls and maritime supply chain. They have developed a platform that collec...


The Barell, Singapore

The Barell offers an online platform for bunkering on-demand services which allows ship owners anywhere in the world to source refuelling services directly from licensed suppliers in Singapore’s port. This secure and convenient service also digital...

The Barell

Tropical Renewable Energy Engineering (TREE), Singapore

TREE supports Singapore’s green port initiative by providing novel and innovative solutions for marine asset health monitoring with real-time capability. TREE’s underwater drone-based solution aims to minimise downtime of marine assets by providi...


VisionTech, Singapore

To reduce the number of unlawful practices involving fraudulent certificates by seafarers, as well as to digitise the processing and authentication of certificates, VisionTech is providing a one-stop HR Management and Engagement platform called Marin...


WeavAir, Canada

Recognising the need to optimise the operation of air-conditioning equipment to manage air quality in building, WeavAir has developed the world’s first device module that can be added to air ventilation systems. This networked sensor add-on tracks ...