Dastell LLP


Technology Area : Big data, Data analytics, IoT, Software as a Service (SaaS)

Dastell offers technology solution for the marine and offshore sector.

BunkerTracker (BT) is a proprietary application being developed to serve the maritime industry’s shift to a data-smart 4.0 for the maritime sector to meet the operators and ship management companies’ demand on the crew to provide daily updates on vessel performance to fulfil UN 2030 mandate and Paris MOU.

BT maintains detailed record for the sustainable and clean shipping and fulfills all stake holders’ requirements for bunker (fuel) consumption and emission levels during voyage, and while in port limits to ascertain carbon foot print.

The data is collected with existing sensors or by simply installed level and flow sensors, reporting relevant parameters, meeting requirements of the various stakeholders like the port authorities, bunker suppliers, charterers, owners, managers, and more. Data from time and weather are captures digitally via AIS and weather routing services.