Mizzen Group


Technology Area : Software as a Service (SaaS), Supply chain and logistics, Data analytics

Mizzen was founded to help container shipping lines transform how they set and distribute prices to their customers.

The way shipping services are sold is rapidly changing, away from a reliance on manual processes and sales teams with experience and intuition based pricing and moving online. To succeed in digital sales, shipping lines need new ways to set and distribute prices. Other industry sectors have used Configure Price Quote and Price optimisation software to manage this transition.

Mizzen is developing these applications to meet the specific requirements of container shipping operations.

It’s objective is to maximise profitability by optimising cargo mix by guiding trade managers decisions on what price level to set, what product and allocation to make available on a vessel voyage.

Our software is integrated with a shipping line’s existing operational systems enabling the digital channel to be managed in conjunction with their current business.