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Spinoff Robotics

Technology Area : Robotics

Spinoff Robotics aims to be the leading UAS solution provider for robotics and automation of high-altitude washing and inspection operations. Our core, patent pending technology is a proprietary integrated algorithm for UAS position and nozzle angle control to deliver precise force magnitude and direction at target areas for cleaning stubborn stains or at delicate structures. The ALICE (Automated Launder and Inspection Corded End-effector) platform, our core product, embodies this technology and have completed proof-of-concept trials for high-pressure sheltered walkway cleaning. We are attracting significant interest and early tractions in solar farm maintenance, aircraft maintenance, and green facade maintenance operations. We aim to adapt the ALICE platform into the ARCHER (Agile Rotorcraft for Cargo Holds Elevated Rinsing) for more cost-effective and efficient cargo holds washing.