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Smart Port Challenge is run annually where we distill innovation opportunities from maritime corporates and bring them closer to the tech community. Selected tech ventures will be invited to attend PIER71 Accelerate to further refine their products and business model before they pitch to potential customers, investors and collaborators.

We use a range of criteria including but not limited to the tech capabilities, growth potential, market traction and more. Corporate partners are also invited to provide insights from the users and industry perspectives.

Our programme focuses on technology companies which we can value add. So, send in your application and we will help to evaluate if our mentors, support and infrastructure is able to help you reach your next goal.

We encourage tech entrepreneurs to reimagine their technologies for the maritime industry, which also faces challenges in common areas such as payments, healthcare, insurance, etc. Even though these areas may not be listed on the ‘Innovation Opportunities’ page, many of our corporate partners have picked up proposals that address these concerns.

We are also interested to review proposals that could help to drive innovations in the following 5 thrusts, which make up the Open Category. They are (1) Efficient & Intelligent World Class Next Generation Port (2) Strategic Sea Space & Maritime Traffic Management (3) Smart Fleet Operations & Autonomous Vessels (4) Effective Maritime Safety & Security (5) Sustainable Maritime Environment & Energy

You will spend most of your time validating ideas with our pool of corporate partners which is crucial to create a viable business model. You will share your findings and gather feedback and mentorship in weekly masterclasses attended by other tech ventures and mentors. There will be one to one mentorship available and workshops on topics about the maritime industry landscape and entrepreneurship.

You may be selected to participate in the PIER71 Accelerate programme. Only our best teams will be chosen to pitch on Pitch Day. Nevertheless, we will also be curating different sessions to showcase our finalists.

Having learnt sufficiently from the validation process, you will pitch to the corporates, investors, researchers and other stakeholders. You will also strive to secure a pilot project with a corporate partner which will be funded by the grant.

The weekly masterclasses and workshops will take place in Singapore and we will set up calls for foreign teams to dial in. However, we strongly recommend that you maintain active communication with your mentor to benefit fully. You are also likely to conduct more effective validation by meeting the corporate partners directly. Details will be discussed further during onboarding. However, physical presence is compulsory for Pitch Day (date to be confirmed later).

You are not expected to give up or share your IP with any parties during your participation in Smart Port Challenge. Any technology/product development that may result in the creation of foreground IP will be undertaken by yourself and the other parties.

You can reach out to Ning ( or Melinda (

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