Innovation Opportunities

Optimization of Port Assets To Meet Demand

As a multi-purpose port, Jurong Port offers rental of their shipyards and warehouses as storage spaces to port users. The rental period ranges from short-term for transit cargo to long-term for permanent port users with a minimum period of 1 year. Cu...

Jurong Port

Generation of Standardised Stowage Plan

Prior to vessels’ arrival, the shipmasters (through ship agents) must create and submit a copy of stowage plan to the port to enable berth allocation and resources planning. Stowage plans are usually submitted in hardcopy with varying formats. As s...

Jurong Port

Automated Order Management

Vopak is a global market leader in independent tank storage with more than 90% of orders still processed manually. The current practice requires customers to enter order information into their own ERP order management systems and then send via email ...


Predictive Condition Monitoring of Equipment

Monitoring operational condition of critical equipment such as pumps, valves and compressors, seals and bearings is essential. Vopak needs to mitigate unexpected downtime and enhance safety precaution. As cost is a critical decision criterion towards...


Improve Asset Utilisation For Port And Haulage/Chandler Community

Manned hauliers/ship chandler vehicles enter and exit the port based on individual job orders to collect containers/ship supplies. The silo nature of these job orders means hauliers oftentimes enter and leave the port with empty trailers, thereby lea...


Increase in Transparency of Bunker Supply Chain with Blockchain

Fuel used by oil tankers is known as bunkers, which consist of residuals from crude oil distillation. These residuals contain impurities that can be detrimental to vessel engines operation and performance. Level of impurities exceeding specified limi...

Teekay Marine

Optimisation of Scheduling for Bunker Operations

Singapore is the world’s top bunkering hub, refuelling over 40,700 vessels with 50.6 million metric tonnes of bunker fuel in 2017. The bunker supply chain in Singapore involves over 210 bunker tankers, operated independently by licensed bunker craf...


Reduction of Congestion at Ferry Terminals

Batam Fast and Singapore Cruise Centre (SCC) face terminal-to-terminal operational challenges in handling back-to-back ferry departures that often cause delays and customer satisfaction issues. Especially during peak period, hundreds of passengers pa...

Batam Fast
Singapore Cruise Centre

Deep Technologies for Decision Support On-Board Tugs

Tugboats operate in ports with many other types of vessels and human activities. Many instruments are hardly used by the operators and information remains in silos on-board the tugs; hence not providing Tug Masters sufficient information to aid his/h...


Automated Handling of Towing Lines

Handling of towing lines between the tug and vessel remains very manpower-intensive. Due to a large variety of ships and hull shapes, there is no standard interface for how towlines can be ‘connected’ to the vessel. Automating the process of conn...


Effective and Safer Training for Seafarers

Maritime operations such as welding and boarding of vessels via launch boat are dangerous and it is difficult to conduct training due to unavailability of the actual operation site on-board vessels. Training is currently conducted on an ad-hoc on-the...


Effective Logging of the Statement of Facts (SOF)

Statement of Facts (SOF) is a detailed chronological description of the vessels’ activities during port stay. Details include: taking the sea pilot on board, mooring, preparation of loading and unloading operations, actual loading and unloading ope...


Tools For Standardization of Chemical Inventory and Consumption on Offshore Rigs

Service and inspection processes done on board vessels and rigs are important steps to ensure all equipment and systems are operating well. Offshore operators seek to standardize chemical consumption across their offshore rig units to reduce cost, nu...


Improved Well-Being of Seafarers

Crew health is one of the major concerns for ship owners as it correlates to potential human errors which cause 70-80% of marine incidents. Currently, crews go through thorough medical examinations before certifying them fit for a work contract var...

OMC Shipping

Tracking and Tracing of Spare Parts Delivered to the Ships

Shipping companies face a common problem with inventory control and tracking/tracing of goods in transit and on board vessels. Information is usually entered into and maintained by on board Preventative Maintenance System (PMS), which has 8-10 leadin...


Tracking and Tracing of Spare Parts On-board the Ships

Shipping companies face a common problem with inventory control and tracking/tracing of goods in transit and on board vessels. Information is usually entered into and maintained by on board Preventative Maintenance System (PMS), which has 8-10 leadin...


Optimisation of Maritime Insurance Transaction and Workflow to Improve Productivity and Reduce Costs

A high volume of maritime insurance transactions are manual or partially automated which are inefficient, costly and prone to error. In some cases, quotes and policies are being generated manually and any adjustments require manual intervention.

Lloyd’s Asia

Multi-Gas Detection System in Enclosed Space

Entering an enclosed space on a vessel may be dangerous for the crew with increased exposure to hazardous gases. Despite strict safety practices, accidents continue to occur; resulting in severe injuries, loss of lives and significant repercussions f...


Smart underwater inspection

Many issues potentially damage the bottom of ships as they sail, such as bent propeller blades, hull corrosion and cracks, leaking thruster seals, damaged rudders and obstructed sea chests. Regular underwater inspection is critical to outline any exi...

Ocean Network Express

Efficient record keeping

Record keeping, such as booking acceptance, bill of lading documentation, contract data creation and payment invoice input, is still based on manual data entry. This inefficient process is time consuming and prone to human errors. Given that the curr...

Ocean Network Express