Smart Port Challenge 2020
Current Cohort

Meet the latest group of tech start-ups that just concluded this year’s Smart Port Challenge.


SPC2020 Finalist

We offer digital solution for Booking, Tracking, Management, Report & Analytics, Tracker & Hardware installation, custom Accounts & Payroll integration for Harbour Craft operators....

Aviation Virtual

SPC2020 Finalist

Aviation Virtual is a Singapore tech SME. With a unique technology roadmap focusing on using VR as a platform to assimilate leading-edge technologies, Aviation Virtual has become an innovative Mixed Reality Solution Provider. It is one of the few tec...


SPC2020 Winner

BeeX exists to solve the challenges of doing work underwater. Today, such operations at seas are generally carried out with expensive manned vessels. Specifically, to assess the structural integrity of existing underwater assets, inspec...


SPC2020 Finalist

We design, manufacture and provide water quality monitoring products and services. Our innovative sensor monitors water quality in real-time and on 24x7 basis. Considering that water storage and distribution systems on ships are complex...


SPC2020 Runner-up

FUELSAVE GmbH is an efficiency enhancement and cleantech company from Germany, which has developed a patented, field & lab proven HW retrofit solution, helping operators of combustion engines to reduce primary fuel consumption, achi...

Insight Infrastructure Solution

SPC2020 Finalist

Insight Infrastructure Solution develops innovative unmanned robotic systems aimed to provide inspection and in-water cleaning to the underwater assets and vessels. In order to better serve our port clients, we focus on developing speci...

LEDR Technologies

SPC2020 Finalist

LEDR orchestrates any underlying data, analytics, or user applications systems to work together to create a unified knowledge representation, or digital twin. This is done in a distributed way, as opposed to the traditional approach of ...


SPC2020 Finalist

Moaah develops enterprise DLT solutions for regulatory compliance and data/asset exchange among multiple protocols and stakeholders. Our products include Document Management System (depository & ML automation, discrepancy resolution...

MRC Hosting

SPC2020 Special Mention

Groundup.ai (a MRC Hosting company) uses cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and data analytics technology to create innovative solutions for the shipping, freight, heavy machinery and construction industry. Our solutions enable our clients to: ...


SPC2020 Finalist

mVizn Pte. Ltd. is a deep-tech startup specialising in the domain of deep-learning-based machine vision solutions for industrial safety and operations monitoring. For the port and maritime industry mVizn is developing a...


SPC2020 Finalist

Our key mission is to support harbour towage, ferry boat and other workboat companies with a simple data driven tool to monitor their operations and reduce fuel consumption.


Optimization Analytics Technology

SPC2020 Finalist

At OAT, we serve customers with analytical approach to better decision making in business strategies and operations. We live and breathe optimisation and advanced analytics. By implementing the technology, we facilitate business growth ...


SPC2020 Finalist

Searoutes helps shippers meet their GHG targets, by letting them choose the right transport route for their containers. We use years of historical vessel positions, and our proprietary family of routing algorithms, to s...


SPC2020 Finalist

SeaVantage provides an innovative maritime data platform for solving social problems caused by uncertain ship arrival time, with a highly reliable forecasting algorithm based on maritime big data . 

Vebits AI

SPC2020 Finalist

Vebits provides top-performance analytics solutions for industrial automation using smart sensors like cameras, multispectral cameras, and lidar scanners. Current products and services include industrial automation for ...

Vulcan AI

SPC2020 2nd Runner-up

We are an enterprise AI solution provider that helps businesses do more with less. We specialise in Vision AI applications for Safety, Productivity and Quality Control.