Smart Port Challenge 2020
Innovation Opportunities

Smart Port Challenge 2020 has now concluded.

This year’s Smart Port Challenge offered 17 innovation opportunities that address areas such as port operations, sea space and maritime traffic management, fleet operations, maritime safety and security, as well as sustainability. Explore them below. Short videos are also available to explain the innovation opportunities.

In addition to these innovation opportunities, start-ups also submitted proposals that drive innovation around smart port, smart ship and green technology.

Acquire Information Combined with Analytics, A.I. and Authorisation Capabilities

[View video] Currently, PSA Marine is unable to determine unauthorised personnel and unauthorised landing from the wharf and out at sea. This meant that ships can en...

Alpha Ori
Eastern Pacific Shipping
PSA Marine

Robust Testing and Monitoring Drinking Water Quality On-Board Vessels

[View video] Potable water is water that is safe to drink, or use for food preparation without carrying the risk of health problems. Although uncommon, bunkering ...

Asiatic Lloyd
Bernhard Schulte
Singapore Shipping Association

Automation of Underwater Propeller Polishing and Removal of Thick Marine Growth on Hulls/Jetty Piles

[View Video] Underwater operations, such ship husbandry works, hull/jetty inspections, hull/jetty cleaning to remove thick marine growth, underwater repairs, propell...

Bernhard Schulte
Dive Marine Services

Cargo and Bunker Optimisation

[View video] In the market for voyage charter, shipowners face the dilemma of where to position their ship to pick up cargo and/or bunke...


Maritime Decarbonisation

[View video] The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has set ambitious emissions goals on the reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions from ships by 2050*. This c...


Machine Learning for Manpower and Equipment Deployment Planning

[View video] Jurong Port is a multi-purpose port handling bulk, break-bulk and containerised cargo; with more than 40 000 vessel calls annually. When a vessel arrive...

Jurong Port

Accurate Information about Tramp Vessel Schedule for Decision-Making

[View video] For tramp shipping, the chartering department is always in need to have accurate information about the location of the vessel and the Estimated Time of ...


Virtual Walkthrough for Vessels

[View video] For many years, ship owners are provided with 2D AutoCAD drawings of vessel designs by shipyards. These 2D drawings are usually required during perio...

Ocean Network Express
Symphony Creative Solutions

Automatic Quantification of Oil Slicks from Videos/ Images

[View video] In the event of an oil spill, decision-makers use images and videos of the oil slicks to prioritise where to deploy response assets (such as vessels ...


Optimisation of Empty Container Repositioning

[View video] Container lines strive to reposition their empty containers most efficiently and optimally to meet demand. Inefficient repositioning could cost a lot...


Improving Navigation Safety for Line Tow Barges

[View video] Barges have served as an efficient mode of transport to ferry cargo across canals and waterways. As they are non-self-propelled, tugs are used to aid...

PSA unboXed

Automated Discrepancy Resolution for Terminal Documentation

[View video] Singapore is the world’s top transhipment hub. The port is connected to 600 ports, with daily sailings to every major port of call in the world. Ma...

PSA unboXed

Auto Refuelling System for Prime Movers

[View video] With the exploration of deploying Autonomous Prime Movers for port operations, automatic refuelling is a critical enabler to enable seamless autonomo...

PSA unboXed

Accurate Identification and Location Feedback for Container Fitting

[View video] Containers onboard vessels are secured together to the ship’s structure by means of lashing bars, turnbuckles and container fittings. At the wharf, co...

PSA unboXed

Risk of Personnel Transfer during Bunker Survey

[View video] Bunker survey forms a critical part of preventing bunker delivery losses. Bunker surveyors are engaged independently to determine bunker quantity, qu...


Efficient Data Exchange with Non-System Integrated Container Freight Station (CFS)

[View video] CFS, which stands for “Container Freight Station”, is a warehouse where cargo (goods/products) from different exporters/customers/suppliers are r...

Symphony Creative Solutions
Yusen Logistics

Interactive & Engaging Training through Technology

[View video] Officers onboard ships need to be competent in understanding and performing numerous tasks such as navigational watch, cargo operations, emergency si...


Open Category

In addition to these 17 innovation opportunities, start-ups with technologies or solutions that can address smart port, smart ship or green technology are also welcome to submit proposals in an open ...